Also known as feeder vibration feeder. Feeder in the production process, can the massive, granular materials from silos in uniform, regular, continuous feeding device to go into the subject, uniformly continuous feeding of broken machinery in the gravel production line , and coarse screening material, widely used in metallurgy, coal, mineral processing, building materials, chemicals, abrasives and other industries crushing and screening equipment.Vibrating feeder is a kind of linear direction feeding equipment. It is designed and manufactured to continuously and quantitatively deliver blocky, granular and powdery materials from the warehouse or hopper to the receiving equipment. Meanwhile, it can complete the screening of the materials. Our vibrating feeder is wear resistant, with reliable performance and long life.

electromagnetic feeder is a relatively new type of quantitative feeding equipment, can be adapted to the requirements of the continuity of production, it has been widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, building materials, light industry, chemical industry, electricity, machinery, food And pharmaceutical production in the industrial and mining enterprises. For the massive, granular and powdered materials from the storage silo or hopper in the quantitative and uniform in a row to the material by the device can be used as conveyor, bucket elevator, screening equipment, cement mill, Breakers, the pulverizer in the industrial sector and the viscosity of the powder or granular material feed device; automatically for ingredients, packaging and quantitative and can be used in automatic control of the process, production process automation.

(1)Small, Weight light, simple structure, easy to install, non-rotating components without lubrication, easy maintenance, low operating costs.
(2)Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder due to the use of mechanical resonance vibration of the principles of science, two in the low-quality close to the critical state of resonance, and thus consume less power.
(3) due to the instantaneous change can be expected to hoist and flow, so to charge a higher degree of accuracy. 
(4) This series of electromagnetic machine vibration control device using a silicon half-wave rectifier circuit, so the process through the use of silicon-conditioning and opening angle of approach to easily adjust to the class without charge, and can produce The focus on process control and automation. 
(5) to the trough as a result of feed materials in the process of being toss in a row, and the parabolic trajectory for leap forward movement, so less wear and tear to the trough. 
(6) This series of electromagnetic machine with explosion-proof requirement does not apply to the occasion.

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