Belt conveyor is a kind of sand and gravel equipment mainly used on vibrating equipment and crushing plant. The belt conveyor plays an important role in connecting each production facility, which helps realize the continuity and automation of production processes, improve productivity and reduce labor intensity. It is an auxiliary device produced based on friction drive principle. Currently belt conveyors are increasingly used in mining, metallurgy, chemical, casing, building materials, and many other industries. According to different requirement, our belt conveyors can be used independently or combined with other belt conveyor or conveying equipment to form a conveying system. They can be used at -20℃ to + 40℃, and the materials conveyed should be below 50℃.so the use is widespread.

Technical advantages
The first is its reliable operation. In many important production units run continuously, such as the transport of coal power plant transportation, steel mills and cement bulk materials, as well as loading and unloading of ships in the harbor all adopts belt conveyor. As in these cases stop, the loss is huge. If necessary, take a class to a group of belt conveyor can work continuously.
Conveyor low power consumption. As the material almost no relative movement of the conveyor belt, not only the running resistance is small (approximately scraper conveyor 1 / 3-1 / 5), and to wear cargo and broken both small and high productivity. These are conducive to lower production costs.
Belt conveyor line adaptable and flexible. Line length according to need. Short as a few meters long and up to 10km or more. It can be installed in a small tunnel to be set up over the ground traffic chaos and danger areas.
According to process requirements, the belt conveyor can be very flexible material that is from one or more points. Also can contribute to the multi-point or a few sections discharge. When both additives (such as conveyor Coal bunker under) or at several points along the conveyor belt to any point on the belt conveyor in the longitudinal direction through the uniform feeding device to feed conveyor, belt conveyors machine has become a major transport trunk.
Belt conveyor can stockpile below the roadway reclaimer in coal depot, when needed, but also to each stack of different materials are mixed. Materials can be simply from the conveyor head unloading, but also by the plow unloader or unloading trucks move in either direction of the length of the conveyor unloading point.

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