Machinery Expo persist in implementing research and development strategies to enhance the competitiveness of products as the core of "scientific research, technological progress, technological improvements" and "production, learning and research," two three-pronged main line, relying on a strong research team, to develop innovation, aimed at the forefront of industry technology, and constantly improve the overall scientific and technological innovation capacity of enterprises. Combined with the domestic market demand and technology trends, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, and gradually digestion and absorption, innovation, the company has six product patents, two patents have been declared national Intellectual Property Office. Machinery Expo increasing scientific and technological transformation and investment in science and technology, adhere to the 15% of the sales revenue as new product development funding, in order to improve the high-tech product development, testing and production equipment, to accelerate the development and mass production of high-tech products, and strive to build international brand, established in 2002 in order to pay for the East lead over Henan Expo mechanical engineer research center.

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